We Are Design Covers

Designcovers manufactures seat covers for each of our customers’ unique needs. Whether that would be for a Miata, Camaro, Ranger, or Jeep, etc.,we can make seat covers for a wide variety of makes and models. Design the seat covers you want. Combine the colors we offer with our different types of prints. Like our animal prints, camouflage prints or Hawaiian prints to make your own unique seat covers. At Designcovers you will get quality covers while being able to add your own personal touch. What makes you unique? ADD THAT TO YOUR SEAT COVERS. Do you like sports, traveling, the outdoors, gaming, etc., whatever it is, DESIGN your COVERS.

Mission Statement

Designcovers is a family run business that prides itself on providing unique seat covers in an almost unlimited variety. We are located on the West coast and with our design capabilities almost anything goes. We at designcovers still believe in the old values of providing excellent service and making your special designed seat covers at an affordable price. Our special feature of designing your own seat covers is unique and we hope that you will enjoy the experience of getting a set of seat covers that is truly to your taste and desire. Customer service and providing you with a smooth and satisfying shopping experience online is our main goal. Thank you for visiting our website and please tell your friends that might be interested.